Alliance for Open ChatBot

Working group whose ambition is to define an open, collaborative, and free standard allowing chatbots to be interconnected in order to make them more efficient and more relevant.

Les travaux de l'Alliance

The Alliance proposal is to define a standard exchange format between bots.

This format is the necessary basis for the implementation of meta-bots capable of communicating with any Open Chatbot compatible bot. Whether it is an SMS bot, a “rich” bot with carousel, video images or quite simply a voice bot.

The Alliance work is available on GitHub. Please visit our repo to see what it looks like!

If you directly want to have your hands on, you can just play around with our swagger demo (beta) that show the exchange format in action..

At the origin of the Alliance, a clear observation


Chatbots are democratizing, but use proprietary technologies that are difficult to match.

The chatbot has been fashionable for a few years, and its use is gradually becoming more democratic in companies. Chatbots have therefore flourished as needed and used.

Different chatbots have therefore been created depending on the platforms, devices and usages.

From a user experience point of view, this multiplication of entry points is not satisfactory. A user does not have to know if his question concerns this or that bot, he just wants an answer!

Alliance’s plans


We want to define an open and collaborative communication standard between all the chatbots on the market.

This standard will allow different interconnected chatbots to exchange data and take advantage of the features of their peers, for better collective intelligence at the service of the end user.


Co-define a standard

This is the main mission of the Alliance: to come up with a detailed specification for standardization of interfaces, and to develop the meta-bots that orchestrates them.

By building it together, the proposed solution takes the best of everyone’s ideas, which will make it long-lasting and viable for industrial use.

Open our work

Our open-source approach will allow the market to quickly take ownership of the solution and continuously improve it based on market needs.

All stakeholders are committed to make their work Open Source.

Share good practices

We are stronger together! This alliance is also an opportunity to discuss best practices.

By federating this ecosystem, the alliance takes a technological lead and thus improves the overall experience of using chatbots.

Chatbot Summit Keynote – 2019



This initiative is supported by some of the leading players in implementation of chatbots solutions.

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